Medical services for patients

Phoi Viet’s objective is to create the best medical services to ensure the optimal respiratory treatment. Until now we support the following medical services for patients:

1. Consult respiratory disease through phone, email

2. Organize Medicine Consultation Commitee every Saturday morning 

3. Nutritional counseling for patients

4. Direct Billing System with Insurance Company Bao Viet and Bao Minh



1. Consult respiratory disease through phone, email

  • You or your relatives are suspicious respiratory symptoms but you are not sure, take the phone and consult our doctor.
  • You do not have time and convenience to do a medical visit, please call our doctor for proper advices before you decide to go and buy drugs at a pharmacy to cut off your symptoms.
  • And there are so many other situations that you really need a doctor's opinion, so please call us at (08) 39.575.099 during working hours from Monday to Saturday, the medical secretary will transfer the call to our doctor and he (she) is willing to help you solving your questions 
  • Our doctor will reserve enough time to chat with you.
  • If you cannot express all questions via phone, please send us an email to Our doctor will answer your questions in the shortest time.
  •  Also you can refer other frequent medical questions which have been already answered in the FAQ section by our specialists


2. Organize Medicine Consultation Commitee every Saturday morning 

Every Saturday morning at Phoi Viet Respiratory Clinic, we run the "Consultative Committee on intractable respiratory disease“ to help patients getting more efficient treatment  and saving time.

Each patient is examined by not only one doctor as usual but also a teamof physicians who are specialized in different respiratory fields such as: respiratory, pediatrics, Turberculosis, chest surgery at the same time in order to accurately diagnose the disease

Consultative committee costs: 250.000VND/time
Time: every Saturday morning from 7:30 to 10:00am


Patients are requested to make appointment to join this program
Please come with all the tests, prescriptions which have been done in the nearest time if exist


3. Nutritional counseling for patients

  • Nutritional counseling for patients with COPD 
  • Consult weights loss for patients who quit smoking and gain weight
  • Consult weights loss for patients who have OSA and over weight

4. Direct Billing System with Insurance Company Bao Viet and Bao Minh


Reserved for all patients who own ‘Yellow Card’ of  in Bao Viet Insurance, Bao Minh Insurance  to benefit "direct billing network for medical expenses

With this program, customers will no longer bother with the insurance claim, they only need to show the insurance card and identity card  when going to visit Phoi Viet Clinic in order to enjoy hospital expense guarantee services


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